about Our Daily Sonnet: all the sonnets of William Shakespeare, read by the folk for the folk.

recently i was looking for someone to read me all of Shakespeare’s sonnets while i cleaned my st. louis apartment in mid-cambridge. while i took a bath. while i looked out the window at the loud neighbors in the garden. while i ruined dinner.

this is an experiment in performance and an investigation into the nature of reading and of being read to. it’s a literacy project, a little. it’s a lot of fun.

for 154 days, once a day, a stranger, a friend, a coworker, a beleaguered commuter — someone will give us our daily sonnet.

and we will be thankful.

check back every day until it’s done.

questions — thoughts — want to take part and send a video — contact AT at ourdailysonnet[at]gmail.com

about AT: in no particular order is an art historical handyman by trade, a barista by night, a breakfast sous-cook by weekend, and a graduate student in poetry by chance. in a very particular order loves a good hamburger, a good poem, and a good movie and believes strongly that the best of those categories can all be found in cambridge, MA: at craigie on main; by frank bidart; and at the brattle. also, without saying, likes shakespeare.